Q: If I have multiple Hotel Cards, can I apply them to the same reservation?

A: No, only one Hotel Card per reservation can be used.

 Q. How does the Hotel Card Program work?

A: Go to the How to Use link to learn more: http://thehotelcard.com/how_to_use.php.

Q: Do I receive/use a PIN or a physical Card?

A: Only PINs are provided, as all transactions are online via our website. Physical Cards are not available or needed.

Q: Can I apply other discounts (i.e AAA, AARP, corporate discounts, etc...) along with my hotel card reservation?

A: No, when making a reservation on our site, the only discount that can be used is the card number associated with our site.

Q: Can I use all the dollars on my gift card on one booking?

A: No, this is a discount program and the amount of money that you have in your gift card will never pay for the full cost of a hotel stay.

 Q: Where can I redeem my Hotel Card?

A: Your card can only be redeemed on this site, not on any other travel site, not through an agent, or not directly through the hotel.

 Q: Is there a listing of all the hotels on your site?

A: Since we feature over 3000 Hilton properties, there is no list of each of these hotels; to see our inventory, just search in your desired city & state by your desired date range.

 Q: How do I use my Hotel Card when making a reservation?

A: After you activate your card, you can click on the Booking link and search for your desired date and destination for your hotel stay. You are then provided the best prices for your desired stay; you may then enter your card number and click "Apply Discount Now" to apply the discount. You will be able to see the available discount amount for each hotel prior to applying your card. Any unused balance on your card will remain and can be applied towards future bookings.

 Q: Are there any hooks, restrictions, or strings attached?

A: No, you can use the card for any hotel on this site. The available discount for each hotel will be shown prior to applying your card.

Q: Can I get a new Hotel Card if I lose it.

A: Since the card is worth real money, we are sorry, but we cannot replace your card.

 Q: If I cancel my reservation, will I lose the amount applied from my Hotel Card?

A: If you cancel within the allowed cancellation period, the discount used will be re-applied to your card (you will not lose it).

 Q: What if I want to change/cancel my reservation?

A: Most bookings are non-refundable, please review terms prior to booking. In the event your booking is refundable then follow the instructions associated with your particular booking for a change/cancel/refund, etc.

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