Helpful Hints

  1. We pride ourselves in having the best room rates every-day, year round and even before any discount is applied. Please feel free to compare our pre-discount standard prices with those from other hotel booking sites but make sure that you are not comparing a cheaper rate for a non-refundable booking with one of our fully refundable and risk-free rates. Always compare like-for-like, paying particular attention to whether or not a booking has free cancellation.

  2. For each separate hotel, and range of rooms within a hotel, you will see standard pricing, the amount of discount applicable from your Voucher Code and the bottom line price you will pay.

  3. Any unused amount on your Voucher Code will remain yours to use at a later time. There is no expiry date.

  4. When searching hotels check a few since the allowable discount rate varies and it may end up costing you the same or less money after applying the discount to a hotel that is originally priced higher.

  5. When you pick a hotel check the different rooms as you may be able to upgrade and have more of the cost covered by the balance in your card.
  6. If you are planning on staying more then 3 days sometimes the discounts allowable will save you enough money to get an extra night.



This is a not a Hilton Gift Card
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